Borderline Cancerous Tumors

Borderline Cancerous Tumors

Introduction. The borderline category of ovarian tumors is one of the most controversial topics in gynecologic oncology and pathology, and is confusing to both ...

Fact sheet 10 Borderline ovarian tumours Ovacome is a national charity providing ... Primary tumour The first cancerous tumour to develop in a

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-Up of ... Use the pathological terminology with either original grouping of borderline category ... Borderline tumors with ...

Tumors of low malignant potential (i.e., borderline tumors) account for 15% of all epithelial ovarian cancers. Nearly 75% of these tumors are stage I at the time of ...

Tumors that start in the brain are called primary brain tumors. Tumors that start elsewhere in the body and spread to the brain are metastatic brain tumors.

Borderline Cancerous Tumors

Borderline tumors of the ovary (also called tumors of low-malignant potential) are a heterogeneous group of lesions defined histologically by atypical epithelial ...

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Borderline Cancerous Tumors
Histopathology Ovary--Borderline ovarian tumor.

Preoperatively, borderline tumors are often presumed to be either benign or malignant ovarian masses; however, as with other ovarian masses, staging is ...

Borderline ovarian tumors are a subset of epithelial ovarian tumors that have a very favorable prognosis. They often are responsive to surgery.

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